The Legal News


The website aims to be best reference site available for lawyers. The website contains 3 core features including News, information for lawyers and Question/Answers Resources.



  • PHP, Javascript, WordPress, Facebook API, Mercury API, Stripe API have been used in developing this website
  • The website adds news from different 3rd party websites using a news crawler that we developed
  • The crawler organizes the news based on their popularity
  • Localized version of law related news are presented to the user
  • Records of more than 170,000 have been integrated into the website
  • The users can search for the lawyers’ data based on their name, region etc. The website also has a community based question/answer module which means that the users can ask the lawyers different questions and the lawyers can respond to the users’ queries
  • The users can subscribe to the newsletter to get legal news directly into their emails
  • A registered user can add Lawyer Profile by filling in relevant information
  • The users can also add a Legal Service to their profile
  • The homepage contains headlines, trending legal news and social feed
  • News can also be sorted out based on top headlines, US courts, legal in the limelight, business of law etc.
  • A user can access all the answered and unanswered questions from the Questions dashboard
  • The Do It Yourself section helps the users prepare legal documents themselves without having to spend thousands of dollars for a few hours of a lawyer’s time
  • The legal directory section assists users find help from the best lawyers in town
  • The Lawyer Listings allows users to search lawyers based on a keyword, country, state and city
  • A lawyer’s profile page includes basic profile details and reviews submitted by users. The users can also submit reviews about lawyers
  • From court reporters to private investigators, you can discover legal services of all sorts from the Legal Services directory
  • The Law Schools and Federal Court directories provide information about the country’s leading law schools and federal courts
  • From legal jobs to legal funding and editorial content on how to run your own legal firm, The Legal News has covered it all
  • Links to social media pages including Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus can be accessed from the header