Talk Scripture


Talk Scripture is a faith-based social network that has been developed for both Christian and Muslim users to discover, connect, learn, inspire and share with other believers from around the world.


CodeIgniter, PHP, MySQL, Angular JS, JQuery have been used in developing this website
The registration process is quite simple while a verification email is sent to the registered email address for account activation
The users can also get themselves registered using social media accounts including Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus
A user’s main profile page displays Share Update, Upload Photo and Upload Video buttons
A certain verse of the Scripture can be searched by the user by typing in the Post box
New members and New groups can also be viewed on the main page
Separate communities exist for both Christian and Muslim users while a user can switch between the two communities using the Switch Community button
Members, scripture and groups can be searched
Members can converse with each other and stay connected with people who matter the most to them
Members can grow their neighbors circle and get instant updates about their daily pursuits
Users can also add new neighbors to their circles and start socializing. Notifications are sent to the members in case of new posts, friend requests, messages, comments, likes on posts, group join invitation, someone starts following you, adds you as a neighbor, joined your group etc.
My Profile button lets the user add display picture, cover photo, view history, add and modify personal identification information, view neighbors, followers and following and created or joined groups
Account Settings and Social profiles can be managed from the Settings button
Users can attach suggested verses to attach with their message
Members can send a message to other members, add them as neighbors or start following them
New members and New groups are also intimated to the existing members to keep them abreast with the latest happenings in the website