Goal Stars


Goal Stars is the perfect stage for the sports fans to win real prizes while following their beloved sport and supporting their favorite team on a weekly basis. All they’ve got to do is to choose their sport, enter a contest, draft a lineup and win. Moreover, the users can purchase items relating to their favorite teams.


PHP, MySQL, JQuery, AngularJS, Yii FrameWork, HTML5, CSS3, Responsive Web Design   



  • Developed using PHP, MySQL, JQuery, AngularJS, Yii FrameWork,  HTML5 and CSS3
  • Goal Stars is available on desktop, mobile and tablet apps for both Android and iOS as well
  • The users can register themselves with Goal Stars using a valid email address or by virtue of their social media credentials such as Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus
  • In the Lobby section, the time remaining in the next contest is displayed
  • The users can participate in tournaments, leagues, head to head contests and even create their own contests
  • Clubs and player statistics give an account of the players’ performance throughout the season and these player statistics can be compared in terms of their gameplay and skill
  • Teams have to be formed within the budget limit of $300
  • As a team manager, the user has to choose the preferred team formation and the team’s name
  • Players can be searched by name while during player selection, the players can be sorted by name, team, role and cost
  • If you click on a player, it opens the pop up with the player statistics
  • The matches played by each users with the innings remaining and the points earned can also be viewed by the users
  • The opponents can compare their lineups with their rivals and can also view live scores
  • The users can shop items and order any item by spending earned points
  • A regularly updated blog is available in the site